Our volunteers

At dance4life, we don’t just make a difference in the lives of our students, we make a difference in the lives of our volunteers!  Check out a few of their testimonials below.

“As a volunteer with d4l Barbados, I am able to incorporate HIV/STIs, life skills training and my talents as young filmmaker and photographer into dance4life. Their use of creative mediums as an effective system of outreach increased my interest to be a volunteer.  Working with previous programs, there was a deficit in mediums of communication and measures of successfully assessing those programs impact on its participants.  dance4life effectively communicates with other youth, they enable the knowledge to have practical context. This inspired me to continue my volunteer work as member of dance4life Barbados.”
- Jamonn, dance4life volunteer

"Growing up, I never had any form of sex-ed in school. I think that’s why it’s so rewarding for me today to volunteer with dance4life. It feels great to help provide youth with tools to make empowered decisions about their sexual health. I wish this was my full time job!” - Nicole, dance4life volunteer

“I really enjoy volunteering with dance4life! I have volunteered with other organizations in the past and what makes dance4life different is that you can actually see the results of your volunteer time…I can see that I’m making a difference!” - Desiree, dance4life volunteer  

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