Our mission is to bring an end to HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancies and sexual violence. We do this by creating young, civic-minded leaders, empowered to make the best decisions for their futures.

We provide young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect their health, promote safe sexual choices, and invest in their own futures. We are a charity that believes in the power of an attractive brand to create impact. We use the universal language of dance and the positive energy of music to connect with young people as equals: we’re in it together.

Together with our peer educators, we mobilize thousands of young people every year to join dance4life and take a leadership role in their societies. We call them agents4change: young leaders that shape the future of their generation through positive behavior change. dance4life is part of a global community of agents4change that help to spread our message all across the world and turn the situation around. In Barbados, we have mobilized over 12,000 young people since 2009, and together with our partners, almost 1.9 million young people globally since 2004.


We envision a world in which all young people can be sexually healthy. A world in which young people are able to make informed decisions.

We support the building of societies that enable young people to protect themselves from disease and abuse, and experience a life in which they are no restrictions on who they might become and what they might achieve.

By releasing their leadership potential, dance4life stimulates youth to become part of the solution. Together, we help the Barbadian community acknowledge the need to invest in a healthy future and remind them that the voices of young people need to be heard. We believe that sexual and reproductive health is a right for all young people.

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